Being an American in London

In England by Eller Student

We have already been in London for four weeks now and it has become an even better experience.  One of my favorite memories from the past couple weeks was celebrating the 4th of July in London as an American.  I never realized how many Americans were studying abroad in London this summer until the 4th.  We met so many new people and made the most of the entire day and night. It was so much fun being an American in another country for such a special day to us and being able to celebrate.  There was even a club that night specifically for Americans to celebrate the birth of our nation.

We also have visited many more tourist sites including Stonehenge, Windsor, Brighton, and Bath.  All of these places were incredibly amazing and I am so happy I was able to experience going to them.  Although I had already visited Stonehenge in the past, it was so great to see it again.  I had never been to the other three locations before so that was very exciting. Each of them had so much history behind them that fascinated me so much.  Since majority of the time I feel like a local since I work and go to class, I really enjoy doing the tourist things every once in while because it makes it so exciting.  I really enjoyed going to Brighton because it had a carnival on the pier where we were able to do ride some of the rides and walk around the city.

My family arrived to visit this past Friday and are staying ten days.  The first half we are spending in London and the second half we are going to Paris.  I was so excited for them to arrive and be able to show them around where I have been living. I also can’t wait to go to Paris because it is pretty much a second home to me since I lived there for a year when I was younger. I have been traveling with my family ever since I was a little girl, but this whole experience is so different from traveling with you family.  I have actually been living on my own, working, and finding my own way around the town.  It has helped me grow and become so much more independent, which has definitely been beneficial for me.  I can’t believe we are already half way through this journey.  It makes me so sad to think that we only have a few more weeks left, but I am definitely going to make the most of it!