Being Shocked in Hong Kong

In China by Eller Student

I have been in Hong Kong for roughly six weeks and I am still dealing with the Cultural Shock because it is something that is still a little difficult to deal with. As Americans we have a perception that we are constantly on our cell phones doing one thing or another, but the people living in Hong Kong are believe it or not on their phones even more. While traveling to work on any given day I see almost every person on their phone either talking or sending an email. The people in Hong Kong also watch a large amount of either TV episodes or movies on their phones as they are traveling to work. The people of Hong Kong will also rarely look away from their screens they just walk around looking at the phone and expect people to move out of their way. They also prefer to have phones with large screens. The most abundant phone I have seen while in Hong Kong is the Samsung Galaxy Note which is a cell phone but has a screen the size of a tablet.

People in Hong Kong are also constantly in a hurry even more than Americans. While riding in an elevator I see people constantly pushing the close door button the moment somebody walks out of the elevator. They barely give the people leaving the elevator enough time to get off without having the doors close on them. By being in Hong Kong though and seeing this happen I have started doing this too.