Budapest and Final Project

In Spain by Eller Student

Last weekend, I took a trip to Budapest, Hungary. My father grew up there and I went back in the fourth grade but I wanted to go on my own and visit the beautiful city. I was able to see all of the landmarks that make Budapest so unique as well as visiting the neighborhood that my father grew up in. My father survived WW2 as a part of the Jewish religion so he lived in the Jewish Ghetto in Budapest. When I went to his neighborhood, it is in the poor part of town. You can still see the bullet holes from the Nazis and you can still see the buildings that were bombed and set on fire. While in Budapest, I was able to see the Parliament, the castle, the Royal Palace, Heroes Square etc. I think that the night time was my favorite time because all of the lights turn on and shine on the buildings and it really looks impressive. Pictures can’t show what I was able to see, so I took a lot of mental shots.

This week, I finished up my internship at Joahn Cruyff Institute. We gave our final presentation to our boss, Dick, the Director of Marketing for Johan Cruyff Institute. We were asked to research Johan Cruyff Institute’s competitors in America and Europe. He wanted us to find out where they are located, how long the degrees take to complete, discuss the different courses needed to complete, requirements, target audience and contact information. I was asked to look in Europe where there are currently 30 universities that offer some sort of Business Degrees. I only looked at 7 universities because a lot of the universities are very similar. This final project took us around two weeks to research and then complete. We met with Dick yesterday to present and talk about what we learned and gave him ideas on how to improve Johan Cruyff Institute and make them more competitive. Currently, Johan Cruyff Institute only offers 3 different kinds of Business Degrees. However, the universities I researched offer around 30 different Business Degrees.

Overall, I really enjoyed working for Johan Cruyff Institute. I learned a lot and I was able to make some great connections that will help me for my future.

Here is a picture I took in Budapest.