Culinary Experiences in London thus far

In England by Eller Student

Alexander Raskin

8 July 2012

Blog #2


Culinary Experiences in London thus far

            At first, at least when I arrived here, I thought the only unique and quality dish one could eat in London was fish and chips. After having this twice in my first week, and personally not being a huge fish person, I needed to try some new things. Curry, and Indian food as a whole, was my second meal of choice. Both professors told me about the high quality Indian food, and they did not disappoint. The curry here is incredible, as well as the tandoori chicken. I do not know why it is better than our Indian food in the states (probably the very large Indian population here), but it truly is. China Town also provided me with an essential Chinese food outlet. I have grown up eating Chinese food multiple times a week for my whole life, and it is one of my few comfort foods. From dumplings to beef and broccoli, I spend up to half of my out-to-dinner meals trying new places in this area, searching for the best Chinese food I can find. Dim Sum in this area is quite good, along with other dumpling houses. I have yet to find main dishes of equal caliber to the Chinese food in New York, but I am sure they are around and I just have not found them yet. I am confident that I will find the perfect restaurant, but as of now it has eluded me. Other local British delicacies, such as pasties, sausage (bangers) and mash, and pies and mash are all solid dishes as well, but are not really my favorite type of food. Sausage and mash is pretty much just what it sounds like, and it is good to have once in a while. Pie and mash (often made with ale) is oddly similar in my opinion to and American potpie, although the ingredients and methodology are both different. The only traditional British delicacy that I have taken accustom to eating is their breakfast. It is truly incredible, and by far their best meal of the day. Lots and Lots of food, tea, and anything a person needs early in the morning before a long day at work; I love it.


Arguably the best food in the city is located in various markets throughout London. Borough Market offers the best groceries and some amazing food carts serving a variety of food, such as a kangaroo burger (delicious), to Asian and Jamaican food. Many people on our trip love Turkish wraps, which are quite nice, but my personal favorite at a food stand is either Jamaican or Cuban food; the Cuban food here is fantastic, especially their take on barbeque chicken. Camden market is the other huge market in the city that I really like, although it has more of a focus on shopping and clothes than Borough does (it is dedicated to food). But, the food stand quality is equal to Borough and serves the same types of food; it is just to a lesser extent. Oh, I forgot to mention a meal at one of these stands ranges from 3-5 pounds, so you are truly getting the bang for your buck. Overall, food has been good, but not as good, as the US. But with that said, I have faith that by the end of this trip, I will have found places on par with the food I eat in the States.