Daily work culture in Barcelona

In Spain by Eller Student

The work ethic/culture in Barcelona is very different than in the United States. Co-workers are much more relaxed and the atmosphere is all around laid back. On my first day of work I came wearing a very professional dress and jacket with conservative black flats. When I walked in the door everyone else was wearing jeans and cotton t-shirts. This is something you would never see in the United States. Coffee breaks and lunch breaks were taken at will which was another aspect that was very hard for me to get used to. This was a nice change to see because often times in the United States people are unhappy with how they work and work for too many hours with little or no breaks. Here people genuinally seem content with their work. Another interesting change was there seem to be little boundaries when it comes to talking about your personal life in the work place. It is never inappropriate but everyone likes to know what you do on the weekends and if you are enjoying Barcelona in your free time.
In conclusion, it has been such an amazing experience learning the work culture here and being able to incorporate certain aspects into my own life.