Euro trip continues…

In Spain by Eller Student

Four weeks have passed and I still find myself in awe that I am living in Spain. These past few weeks have been very memorable not only for me, but Spain as a country as well. Just last night Spain won the 2012 Euro Cup!! It has been such a great cultural experience watching and cheering on España this past month. These people truly love their country and love even more to show it. Even though each country has their own beliefs and way of life its great to see something that almost all countries come together for and are apart of, sports.

This past weekend we travelled to the South of France and went to Carcassonne! Stepping off the bus and into a small café I found myself with the rest of the group greeting people saying ¡Hola! ¡Buenos Dias! and so on. It wasn’t till they didn’t respond we remembered we had entered France. So far this past month I cannot remember one time that I felt completely lost and confused due to the language barrier. I grew up taking Spanish classes and my family would sometimes use it at home so coming to Spain I didn’t find it that hard to adjust. However this weekend I was completely out of my element. I have NEVER in my entire life been exposed to the French language or culture. It made me think about the exchange students who travel to America from foreign countries and know no English at all. Other than the language barrier the South of France was amazing along with their food!

South of France


On the way home we stopped at the Dali Museum of Art. I have learned about some of Dali´s art and his unique pieces such as the use of the melting clocks but seeing it in person was really amazing. You could tell from his art he saw the world very differently than the normal person. In the upcoming weeks I will be travelling to Budapest, Costa Brava, Rome, and the Amalfi Coast. I am so anxious and excited to continue on this journey and soak in everything that comes my way.

Dali Art