In Spain by Eller Student

Time has flown living in Barcelona.  Just about one short month ago we arrived here and felt like 2 months would be plenty of time.   Being one month into the program, 2 months seems like no time at all.  So far I have traveled only to Ibiza and France.  I plan to travel to Madrid next weekend and from there Prague then Amsterdam.
Being in July, the sales have also started.  It is interesting how many stores actually participate in the sales, as in America we don’t have anything similar to this.  Even going to American stores, they are also participating in the sales.  Another surprising aspect of Spain is the difference in fashion.  Spanish people seem to be more willing to try edgier fashion styles.  Much more people have tattoos, different hairstyles, piercings, etc.
The pace of things here is also much different. People in Spain take much longer to do their work than what I am used to in America.  They also have a siesta period where from anywhere from 2 to 5, the stores are closed.  This is definitely odd to me that when I get off work at 2pm, there are few places to go in my town of Bellaterra.
Overall, I am beyond satisfied with the time I have had this far in Barcelona, I have grown to love the city and the culture.