Finding my interests

In China by Eller Student

There are only 2 weeks left in the program, and I must say that I wish I had more time here in Hong Kong.  As my internship has progressed, I have learned more about myself and what I really enjoy doing.  Maybe wealth management isn’t exactly the kind of job that I want to pursue as I continue my professional career after graduation.  I have found an interest while working in the financial world though.  If it were not for this internship, I would have never had the opportunity to discover what I like and dislike about finance.  This internship has helped me to guide myself in whichever direction I may go in the future.  My boss is fantastic, my co-workers are great, and my overall experience has been priceless.  What I found out about myself is that when I start my career, I don’t want to be behind a desk calculating numbers for the rest of my life.  Rather, I would enjoy being in the marketing side of the business world. Whether I am marketing for a financial company or not, this internship has at least helped me realize this.  Overall, I can’t stress enough how important internships are to really finding out more about yourself, and if you are as fortunate as I am to get an internship like mine that really tests your knowledge and abilities, then all the better.