In Spain by Eller Student

Last weekend we went to Carcassonne, France where we hung out at a castle all day and night. The castle was absolutely beautiful and I think it looked even better at night with all of the lights turned on. We took a short tour of the castle during the day and then had a great dinner.  On the drive home, we stopped by the Dali museum which was awesome. I really enjoyed seeing all the great art and sculptures.

On Sunday night, we experienced something that we may never experience again. Spain won the EuroCup and we were in Barcelona when that happened. The celebration was nuts. I have never seen nor been apart of a celebration like we witnessed and participated in before. What’s crazy is that we will never experience that again unless we are in a country that wins the World Cup. I am a huge soccer fan, and grew up playing soccer, so this had extra meaning to me as well.

Currently, I am writing this blog from our hostel in Rome. We arrived in Rome last night and we walked around the city. Last night absolutely blew my mind away! We went and saw the Colosseum and it took my breath away. I couldn’t believe all the history that takes place in that arena. Today, we are taking a tour of the Vatican and just walking around the city some more. I am really glad I decided to come to Rome instead of running with the bulls, which the majority of our group is doing that tomorrow.