Going so fast!

In Spain by Eller Student

Every morning I wake up and realize that another day has passed and we are one closer to the end of our trip.  The scariest part was how much I still wanted to see in Barcelona, so this week I started to get most of it done.  On Monday, we visited one of the Gaudi houses and it was incredible.  The architecture and details that went into nearly every crevice of the building was mind blowing.  Every apartment has its own chimney and on the roof you are able to see them all.  Gaudi made each one completely unique and made out of different materials.  Some were gigantic and had mosaic-like materials, while others were skinner.  The roof had stairs and three different courtyards, so you could see the view of Barcelona while surrounded by the most incredible designs.  The inside of the apartments were just as intricate.  They have specific door knobs and handles with different ways of holding them.  So amazing!  Yesterday, we went to Sagrada Familia, which was also designed by Gaudi.  It was even more intricate.  It is still being worked on and is expected to be completed in 2050.  I am already planning a trip to come back and see it when it is done!

Last weekend, we went to Costa Brava, which is a coastal region north of Barcelona.  It has beautiful beaches and is up on cliffs.  It reminded me of the coast of Italy with the towns built high up on cliffs over looking the ocean.  The little town we went to was gorgeous.  It had nice restaurants and cute little shops.  It started raining in the afternoon so we were able to stop and have a coffee and nice dessert.  Once it cleared up, we went back to the beach and still got in some sun!  On Sunday, we planned on going to the fire throwing festival, but couldn’t find it.  Instead, we stumbled upon the magic fountain which was very cool! I have never been to Disney World, but it reminded me of the videos and pictures I have seen of their water show.  I love how in Barcelona you can get lost and still find something amazing to see or do.


Tomorrow, we leave for Rome and the Amalfi Coast.  Sadly, it is our last weekend trip so we are spending a lot of time there.  We leave on Thursday after work to get to Rome and are staying that night and Friday night.  It that time we have so much we want to see.  Saturday morning, we’re going to Salerno, which is a small town on the coast.  This is going to be the relaxing part of our trip.  Our hotel is right on the beach and we plan to spend a lot of time in the sun.  Sunday is the boast cruise!  A tour of all of the coastal towns while getting to lay in the sun and swim in the ocean! Could not ask for a better day!  Monday we head back to Rome for a few more hours and fly back to Barcelona in the evening.  Its scary to think that on Tuesday we have our second to last day of work!