Grupo Intercom

In Spain by Eller Student

I appologize ahead of time for any spelling errors in this post! I am in Rome on a computer with a foreign keyboard,no spell check, and limited computer use time! Anyway, up until coming to Rome, I had an AMAZING week. I have got to say that I love my internship. Yesterday my company released an iPhone app. They’re an audio-on-demand (podcasting) company, and I got to signle handedly choose what keywords or palabras claves would be used for the app. Since they were confidnent in my level of Spanish, I got the task all on my own. Basically I used a combination of researching keywords on Google Adwords and a app store SEO tool and came up with the keywords. I like how my work gives me things to do other than just the project, to propose where to expand the company too.

Anyway, Barcelona keeps getting better and better as I feel as if I have mastered the train and bus system. Of couse I get confused sometimes, but because my Spanish is improving, it’s only getting easier and easier. Upon my return to Spain, I will be finishing my project and hopefully begin carrying out the international expansion that I am proposing. Since work will probably become more relaxed at this point, I plan on spending the last couple of weeks going to every major site that I have not visited yet. There’s great things to look forward to, and great things to reflect on. I am so grateful for this amazing experience!