Holiday and Protest in Hong Kong

In China by Eller Student

July 1st was the 15th anniversary of Hong Kong returning to chinese rule after 150 years of being under British control. Also on july 1st, China’s president visited to swear in Hong Kong’s new leader, leung Chun-ying. These two event lead to a day of celebration as well as massive protests that consumed the city.

15 years ago almost everybody in Hong Kong was happy to be back under Chinese rule, but as the years have gone on they have increasing felt pressure and corruption from Chinese government as well as the disintegration of their own culture. This was very evident on July 1st. An estimated 200,000 pro-democracy protesters marched through the city, making it almost impossible to get anywhere in this already crowded city. These protests were very interesting to see as they seemed to be very peaceful and organized, very different than American protests.

While the protests consumed most of the day, that evening the protest stopped and there was the largest and most impressive firework show i have ever seem. It went on for like 20-25 minutes and was shot off from 4 or 5 different parts of the harbor. Overall, it was a very cool and interesting day in Hong Kong.