Hong Kong 15th anniversary

In China by Eller Student

As I continue my trip in Hong Kong I have learned a lot more about their culture and how it differs from China’s. I witnessed the clash of cultures between Hong Kong and China during Hong Kong’s 15th anniversary, which took place on July 1st. There were many protests as the Chinese president was flown in to give a speech along with the Hong Kong president. I had never thought of Hong Kong as its own separate entity when I was in the United States, but after living here, learning about their culture and how much they value their freedoms such as freedom of the press, it has opened up my eyes. As people took to the street protesting against corruption with picket signs the city essentially shut down. Every train was filled with people shoulder to shoulder and cars were not moving. After the protests had ended one of the best firework shows I have ever seen began. With the fireworks being held in Victoria Harbor between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon side, the shoreline was filled with people. It was an outstanding 25 minute firework show with the Hong Kong skyline in the background. It was an awesome experience and I’m very glad I was able to witness it.