Hong Kong Business Culture

In China by Eller Student


The business culture in Hong Kong is hard to adjust to because it is not like American business culture. There are some key differences that make it hard to adjust to. These differences include amount of time worked, communication, and business attire. The first difference is the amount of time people in Hong Kong work. People in Hong Kong work much longer hours in a week than Americans. Most people in Hong Kong work from nine in the morning and can work until seven thirty or later each and every day depending on what type of job they have this can include working on Saturdays as well. The Second difference is communication because in Asian culture they are not as direct about how they feel and do not give you a specific answer. Instead they will try to tell you what they think, but will go around in a circle to tell you what they think. This is in contrast to Americans where when we are unhappy with something and want it done a specific way we will be direct about it. This communication difference can cause some major problems because it makes it hard to get certain things done when there is something wrong, but you are unable to figure out the specifics of it. The last difference is the business attire. In Hong Kong almost everyone dresses in business casual attire; unlike America where you will see more people in business professional attire. This difference in attire could be because of the amount of humidity combined with the heat in Hong Kong. By having these two factors together it makes it very uncomfortable to wear a suit each and every day.