Hong Kong Independence Day

In China by Eller Student

There are not many words that can describe the array of fireworks Hong Kong had on their independence day.  At one point during the show they were shooting fireworks with the letters H and then K for Hong Kong.  For twenty minutes the only words I heard were ewwww, ahhhhh, and wooow.  Although it was sad missing the 4th of July festivities in America, seeing the patriotism from a newly established providence made it worthwhile.  Hong Kong has only been independent from British control for 14 years.  Since they have had their independence they have established themselves as one of the biggest business capitals in the world so they defiantly had something to celebrate for and showed it in their fireworks.  Apart from being the largest firework show I have ever been to it was also the most populated firework show I have ever been to.  It was hard to walk across the street with out having to bobbing, weaving and throwing the occasional swim move.