Hong Kong work

In China by Eller Student

As I continue to work and experience the life of a Hong Konger it has been interesting to actually witness key differences in the way business is conducted from the United States. One of the more difficult differences was getting used to a different way of communicating. I had learned about in my global business communications class however experiencing it has become very interesting. In western countries such as the United States business is conducted in a very direct and straightforward manner. However in eastern nations they tend to talk around the task and one is supposed to pick up on it. It has taken some getting used to but I feel I am getting better at it, and getting used to this has made my internship experience that much better. On top of a great internship experience I have been able to go out and experience more of this great city.
This past weekend a couple of us decided we wanted to go camping at this beach near a small beach village called Sai Wan. To get there we had to take the MTR, than two separate minibuses, followed by a 40 minute hike through the mountainous jungle. Once we arrived we realized we were extremely unprepared, however we still managed to make due and have a good time next to the crystal clear water. After waking up on the beach to the sunrise and wild dogs we hiked up a creek which led us to a waterfall which we could jump off cliffs into the deep pond below. After a day of doing this it was time to head back to Hong Kong Island and get back to the city life. It was really great experience and very interesting to see the more rural and nature like side of Hong Kong, rather than the worldwide known skyline of the city.