In England by Eller Student



Another few weeks have gone by and the abroad experience has been going great.  Since my last Journal entry I have travelled three times.  The first holiday was to Barcelona, Spain with five people in my flat.  We should of planned out the logistics of the trip with better preparation, but our improvisation almost gave the excursion added excitement.  All of us were able to board with the U of A Eller students who studied/worked in Barca for a couple nights.  Their housing location was in the rural part of the city.  This gave us a perspective on the Spain countryside, which was quite and relaxed in comparison to the upbeat city.  My favorite parts of the trip were lying out at Barcelonita Beach, and touring the city on top of a double decker bus.  The beach was so beautiful that we stayed there for 6 hours straight.  I only moved to climb out with Chris to curious cement blocks that were 50 yards out in the ocean.  This was a mistake.  The bus tour gave us a street view of the entire city.  We drove to the top of the tallest hill within the city, and the view was astonishing; circling from the beach all the way up Las Ramblas, and then back to the oceanside W.

My next expedition was back to the States.  I completed these plans prior to travelling to London.  I thought a break sandwiched in the middle of the trip would be beneficial, but it felt unusual.  Our group has become so close and essentially the only people we have been with for the past month that leaving them for a weekend was bittersweet.  The trip back home was still fun though.  My first destination was Chicago where I met my family to attend my Uncle’s wedding.  The marriage was exciting despite the lack of English.  My mom’s side of the family is from Serbia-Montenegro so the wedding and reception were both dominated by a foreign language to myself.

I then flew back to Los Angeles, my hometown, for a job interview in the prospective future.  The company is PricewaterhouseCoopers, PwC, and they are renowned as one of the dominant business firms in the accounting/consulting industry.  I have participated in multiple interviews with them and am really hoping for an internship with them next summer.  Immediately finish my interview on Tuesday night, I flew back to London.  The trip was short, but filled with excitement.

The following weekend I went to Paris, France with three girls in my flat.  I have been to Paris before, but I wanted to experience this culturally beautiful city as an adult with friends.  The holiday did not disappoint.  My dad was kind enough to book the hotel for us, and he did a great job at it as usual.  The main sites we saw were the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and Le Tour de France.  All were astonishing and very crowded.  Seeing the famous cycling race was absolutely incredible, and an event that I never thought I would attend.  All of us walked up and down the Champs d’Elysees and completed the walk by witnessing the legendary Arc de Triomphe.  Bradely Wiggins won the race and I was subconsciously cheering for him, along with thousands of British people, after living in London for the last 5 weeks.

We saw the Tower during day and night.  The night view was slightly more memorable because of the coinciding boat trip at the same time.  The weather was cold, but we endured on the upper deck, with the help of some delicious French chocolate, and all got pictures of one of the most famous monuments in the world.