Life as a Spaniard

In Spain by Eller Student

Throughout my time in Spain, I have noticed the different traditions that the Spanish people celebrate. First off, the biggest tradition in Spain is Sundays. This a day where the Spanish people mostly relax and take time to rest from the long week. The first Sunday I was in Spain I found it difficult to just find a place to eat. It is a long standing tradition among the Spanish people.

Furthermore, another tradition that i came across; and was also fortunate enough to participate in was running of the bulls in Pamplona. This a tradition that dates back all the way to 1910. This event includes numerous individuals running in the streets of Pamplona with a small group of bulls before entering a stadium where they let the bulls run while amongst the people. This is a long seven day festival that occurs in July and is known worldwide. The race begins every morning at 8am and a gun is shot to alert the runners that the bulls have been released. It is a very fun event, however there have been a total of 15 deaths since 1910 so it is very dangerous as well. Every year several individuals are sent to the hospital with severe injuries. The only requirements for the run is that you must be 18 years of age but that is not strictly enforced.

Another tradition I got to experience first hand was Spain´s summer solistice. This is known as the longest day of the year in Spain and is celebrated on the beautiful beaches with a vibrant fireworks show. The solistice usually occurs bettwen the days of June 21st and Jun 24th depending on the year. This is another tradition practiced by many Spaniards.

Lastly, another famous Spanish tradition we got to enjoy first hand was the musical style of the flamenco. It is often mistaken by tourists as a dance which it is not. It is a musical style that sometimes has dancing in it but focuses its attention on the guitar, vocals, and the rhythm of the dance. It is a sophisticated style that involves hummming, singing and also the tapping of the feet.

Spain has a very unqiue culture and very different traditions than the United States. They also enjoy bull fighting, tapas, soccer and have an exciting nightlife.