Living the Dream in Barcelona

In Spain by Eller Student

One month has already passed and the summer is flying by, soon enough my time abroad will sadly come to an end. I have fully adjusted to living and working abroad in Barcelona and am dreading returning home. I love being able to get anywhere in the city, or even the continent, through various forms of public transportation. It will be a culture shock to return to America where I will have to drive myself everywhere and will not have as much access to public transit. Living in Barcelona for this summer has made me realize I want to live and work in a major city with easy access to transportation. Additionally, I have developed a strong desire to study and learn Spanish fluently. As I have struggled to learn the language through my time here, I have developed an appreciation for the language. I look forward to being able to progress my education back in the United States after returning home from this trip.

My internship has continued to progress and is a very valuable and educational experience. I am continuing to debit and credit the company’s various expenses and sales, which has taught me about the applications of accounting in firms. Additionally, I am analyzing the company’s finances while recording accounts in the company’s books. I am overcoming the language barrier struggle as I continue to learn more Spanish from here. At times it can be frustrating when I do not understand exactly what I am supposed to do, but at the same time cannot articulate what my concerns or issues are which prevents me from getting the help I would need. In general I am able to deal with such issues as they arise. At times when I cannot express what I am trying to say I find myself constantly using Google Translate and other dictionary programs to help translate. I am adapting to the Spanish culture as best as possible and overcoming obstacles as they arise. It is an adapting and learning experience.


Being in Spain during their victory in the Euro Cup was unlike any experience I have ever had before. In America no one particular event or occurrence gathers people under their respective countries as much as soccer brings Europeans together. The national pride was unlike anything I have ever witnessed. People were celebrating in the streets with complete strangers over the bond of having won the Euro Cup and for that moment nothing else mattered. All of Spain was put on pause as the nation united under the victory of the Euro Cup; it was as if all economic problems and concerns paused while Spain played football. It is remarkable to see such a nation unite collectively under sports. Being an American in Spain during this time provided me with an authentic exposure to Spanish culture and tradition. The importance of football in Spain defines the culture and identity of the citizens; partaking in the celebrations of victory was essential to embracing the culture and society. I look forward to genuine Spanish cultural experiences bound to come in my final weeks here in Barcelona. Time will only tell of what is to come when living the dream in Barcelona.