Living the London life

In England by Eller Student

The last time I blogged I was just getting use to London and everything around me. Now that I have experienced so much more than just my first week here, I can truly say that I absolutely love this place. I have been having such a fun time at my internship and I am learning a lot about the fashion media world and helping them in many different ways. I have learned to make some amazing English tea at work and I even have acquired a taste for it now. We have high tea everyday at work and I think this might be one of the traditions that I will be continuing once I get back home. The past two weeks sure have been busy ones in London, from the end of the Euro Cup, to Wimbledon, to seeing it become more and more crowded everywhere we go. You can surely tell that people are starting to get here for the Olympics already, and they also have all the Olympic signs up and ready to go for July 27th. I’m really excited for the games to start but I’m not excited for all the problems with transportation that is going to bring with it.
One of my roommates and I have become quite the tourist in the last couple of weeks. We have seen the changing of the guards, Westminster Abbey, London Eye, Design Museum, War Museum, Wimbledon, Camden Market, and many more exciting places. It has been fun to go out and explore the city and everything that it has to offer. You could never be bored here because there are at least a dozen things you could do at any one time.
We have been in London for one month already and it seems like we just got here a week ago. Time sure is flying by and I want it to start slowing down. This past weekend a group of us traveled to Barcelona, Spain to spend one of our long weekends on the beach. I loved seeing the beach and the sun, but at the end of the five days I was already missing London. It’s amazing how much I enjoy being here and I know the day that we all have to leave is going to be very sad. I’m going to continue to make the best of my last month here, with trips planned to Dublin, Paris, and the Olympics.