London Blog #2 : Sightseeing Adventures!

In England by Eller Student

As I’ve reached the halfway point of the trip, I can’t help but reminisce on all the things I’ve seen so far. London is such a big city, with so much to see! Coming here, I thought London was going to have a couple cool museums, Big Ben, and big red double-decker busses, but each day I’m here I find a new place worth exploring. Whether it’s if I’m lost walking home from the tube stop and found a cute little cafe with great coffee, or finding an exhibit that I love in a museum that I thought was going to bore me to death, one thing I’ve learned is that London is full of surprises.
One particular aspect of the trip I have loved, which I didn’t expect to, is visiting museums. My favorite museum has to be The British Museum. From mummies (Cleopatra’s tomb) to exhibits on the olympics, this museum has artifacts from around the world and our group was there for over two hours, yet we didn’t even get to explore a fifth of the museum. The gift shop was a great way to end the day too! I bought my family tons of Olympic memorabilia since London is hosting the games this year!
Another sightseeing activity that was a learning experience but fun at the same time, was seeing Hampton Court. Although it was a far way to travel (a bunch of tube stations and a train away), it was so worth it. Seeing the home of Henry VIII was so interesting and learning about his many wives and walking around the gorgeous palace was an experience to remember.
My third favorite sightseeing tour was seeing the whole city of London from the top of a ferris wheel on the London Eye. It is such a cool concept to me that in the middle of parliament stands something so modern and fun. That’s what continues to make me fall in love with London each day. There is so much history in this city and the people appreciate and have so much pride in their country, yet London still continues to find ways to reinvent themselves and keep themselves modern. From their high fashion shops that the rest of the world borrows style ideas from to their historic 5000 year old castles, there is always something to see in London-old or new!