Mind your Peas and Queues

In England by Eller Student

What a clever title. Not really though. Although the saying Mind your P’s and Q’s does come from England. Referring to Pints and Quarts. Yay beer! Anyways, been an eventful couple weeks since the last post. First and foremost, got settled in to working at the London Sports Trust. The working environment is very different here, much quieter and they’re smaller businesses. The LST is actually located in Phoenix High School, so there’s high schoolers running by our window at all hours of the day. Being a small business (5 employees?), they have me doing everything one could think of, from accounting work to website design. While it’s been fun to have a hand in the operations, i’m excited to get started on some marketing work for them, promoting our summer youth programmes. Currently i’m just running their twitter, keeping tabs on our alumni that are now on the Olympics team and how they’re doing and coaching kids in their sports programmes which has been a lot of fun. It may be a different country but the school kids are the same, they look much more tame in their neat uniforms but they reek just as much as havoc as American middle and high schoolers. It was kinda fun to see the kids go mental, considering how reserved the Brits are typically. Also get to eat lunch with the kids each day, much healthier school lunches than America, you always have two options, a meat dish or a vegetarian option, both come with a side of vegetables (usually peas) and a dessert (always some kind of cake with custard on top). They’ve been pretty good so far.

My team, playing handball in one of our programmes

Other than work, went to Henry V and Taming of the Shrew at the Globe theater for class, both plays were really well done. Enjoyed seeing them both. Wes and I ventured to Prague last weekend, which was a lot of fun. Got to see a lot of cool buildings and explore a gem of a city. And now i’m currently writing this from my hotel room in Paris. Paris has been a lot of fun, similar to London in it’s size and amount of things to do. The people are polar opposites but share a hate for each other. Parisians also love to queue, or it seems like it. Everywhere i go there’s a queue, necessary or not. Which makes sense why they put Euro Disney here. Anyway it’s been another fun trip. Ahead of me we’re going to the Harry Potter studios this week and i’ve got tickets to several tapings of BBC shows throughout the week which should be fun. And have the honor of attending an Arsenal game on Saturday in Southampton. Good week ahead.

The Powder Tower in Prague