My Internship

In Spain by Eller Student

My internship this summer in Barcelona is with Yahoo. There is a small branch based in Barcelona that has around fifty people in the office. My coworker, also from Dream Careers, and I work in the “Search Alliance Mid Market” department. This means that our supervisor is an Account Manager for medium sized clients who pay for sponsored ads to appear when people search keywords on Yahoo. Clients can specify which countries they want their advertisements to appear in. It can range from one to many (i.e. Italy, UK, Canada, Spain, US, etc.).

A large portion of our first few weeks were spent training to learn the many different CRM and data analysis software that Yahoo uses in alliance with Microsoft Bing. Once the training was finished, we get assigned small tasks on a daily basis by different people in the office. They usually consist of making small changes to pieces of essential information about clients. Since we received so much training about the CRMs, we also created a powerpoint to sent to clients that detailed the newest features so they can more easily manage their advertising campaigns.

Most of our work is unsupervised which is nice because it shows us that they trust us with tasks and that we don’t need to be babysat. Everyone in the office is very friendly and it is nice that everyone speaks English fluently so there is no language barrier. Overall, it was a good experience. My one recommendation would be to not spend as much time training, so we could be of more value to the corporation.