The Past Few Weeks

In England by Eller Student

The weather in London is really unpredictable. When you walk into a restaurant it is sunny. It could be pouring by the time you get out. Luckily the weather has stayed awesome for the first few days of the Olympics.

The Olympics has made this crazy city even crazier. I enjoy being in London right now because it feels like the capital of the world. People forget about politics and come here to cheer for their athletes. As for me, this game keeps me buzzed all the time because there is always something exciting about the Chinese team.

Last week the CEO of my company visited in London. We had a few drinks at a bar. It was a great pleasure to chat with him. I was amazed by his international experience. He has been traveling to so many places in the world; and most importantly he understands different cultures. I think it is very important to keep an open mind and always be ready to learn from others, especially for business people.

Another thing about London is that wherever you go there could be something from a famous movie. I happened to come across Waterloo train station, which appeared in the movie Bourne Ultimatum. The picture is the bus stop near the train station. It was the place where Jason Bourne tricked the CIA undercover agents to take out the guy in a hoodie.