Routines – Weeks 3 – 4

In England by Eller Student

As our experience in the UK continues it is easy to see all of us settling into our weekly routines.  Work all day Monday and Tuesday, work for a little followed by sight seeing on Wednesday, trying to stay awake for classes on Thursday and Friday.  The cycle becomes a little monotonous and it can be easy to loose track of the time unless we sit back and look at what we’ve done over the past two weeks.


So far my internship has been a perfect experience! As the Account Services Intern for Other Creative Ltd, a mid-sized creative advertising agency, I have had the opportunity to recommend photos for work, email clients, find new business, debug websites, and even write a little copy! This company truly has allowed me to experience everything I wanted to try in this profession, and I am now more sure than ever that account services is my goal.


In our classes we already went to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre twice, the Imperial War Museum, and the Houses of Parliament.  Both plays, “Henry V” and “Taming of the Shrew,” were incredible productions filled with audience interaction in such an intimate theatre.  The Imperial War Museum was a great experience while just being the tip of the museum iceberg.  Visiting the Houses of Parliament gave all of us great insight into the inner workings of the British government, not to mention the beautiful architecture and artwork inside the building.  The entire facility truly was a work of art.  The experiences made possible by our classes have opened the door to London, giving us the foundation we need to explore the city more on our own.

Over the past two weeks we have seen so many museums and sights that they all seem to blend together.  We’ve seen everything from the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum to the Magna Carta at the British Library, from the Brighton Pier to the filming of a major motion picture at Abbey Road.  And how could I move on without mentioning our trip to Wimbledon! While we may not get a large amount of free time with this program, utilizing what we get correctly has allowed us to view more of London than I ever thought possible.


In some ways, it feels as if our journey has just begun.  We are more settled into our daily pattern while still discovering new things every day.  The trip so far feels like the blink of an eye, but at the same time today represents our halfway point of the trip.  We have to make use of the next five weeks here in London, and if the first half of this trip is any indication, I’m sure that we will.