Running Wild in Barcelona!

In Spain by Eller Student

It is now more than halfway through my program in Barcelona, and my time remaining is starting to decrease rapidly.  Looking back on all the experiences I have had in just 1 short month, it is crazy for me to think about going back to reality in the US.  However, I know that I will return home with so much more knowledge and skills, placing me higher than others in my competitive search for a job.

This past weekend, I took part in one of the most thrill-seeking festivals in my life;  Running with the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain.  It was the craziest traditional experience I have ever seen or been a part of, seeing an entire city break out into chaos.  People of all nationalities everywhere, raining sangria, good vibes, and my best friends.  It was a memorable experience, for all of us I’m sure.  Aside from the festival, we got to stay at a campsite near the beach, and it may have easily been the most beautiful scenery I have seen in my time in Barcelona.  It was absolutely like paradise.  I have such a finer view on life because of this one trip to Pamplona, and my understanding for what happiness truly is is much more clear.