Settling down in Hong Kong

In China by Eller Student

After a tumultuous and thrilling first four weeks here, I’m starting to get the full swing of the Hong Kong lifestyle. After originally feeling like I could never survive here, certain aspects that were once confusing, strange or even offensive are now commonplace.  Living in a hotel for two months seemed like a strange experiment from a mad scientist, but I’ve been optimistic and realized that it’s like living in a 5-star dorm with dozens of people here to help you.  I had practically assured myself that I was never going to do any laundry and would resort to buying new clothes, but now I am a loyal weekly customer at Hang Fung Laundry.  I used to be extremely claustrophobic and defensive on the MTR, but now that fear is gone and I almost feel weird when the train is empty.  The last four weeks have flown by, yet I feel wise like I’ve lived here four years. That only means that the next four weeks will go by even faster, and when I return home, it’s definitely going to take some readjusting to get back into my “normal” life.