Spaniard time…

In Spain by Eller Student


Since my last blog post, we have done a numerous amount of activities. We visited Camp Nou, where we got a tour of the stadium home to the world famous soccer club, FC Barcelona. We traveled to France, and got a tour of a castle that still has people live in it. I traveled to Pamplona with some other guys to run with the bulls. Ever since I have arrived here, I have been constantly doing things. There are endless amount of activities to participate in when you are in Spain. The most excitement that i have witnessed since being here was when Spain won the Euro Cup. After the victory everyone migrated to the center of the city and went crazy. People cheering, climbing things, and just having a great time. You would think they just won a war, or everyone just won a million dollars.







As far as my Internship goes, I am just given assignments of translating. Other then that, not much work is sent my way. I really enjoy watching how a spanish company is run though. You would think that they are so careless with how they handle business.

Its sad to think that I only have less then 2 weeks left. In the future, I can honestly say that i wouldn’t mind living here. The only thing keeping me from living here is the food. If i could bring some foods with me, I would most definitely become a Spaniard.