Summer of a Lifetime

In Spain by Eller Student

South of France

Its hard to believe that my summer here In Barcelona is already over half way finished. I have already learned so much about this culture after being here only a month. These cultural difference have rubbed off on me now and have become second nature. I am now used to taking siestas during the day and eating very late dinners. My last weekend here was definitely the craziest experience I had here, Running of the Bulls. This festival in Pamplona was like nothing I had ever done. Running side by side with thousand pound bulls was a hug adrenaline rush and something I will never forget.

Overall I am really enjoying my job even though it has been difficult. At my company IDAPT Innovation, I sell universal chargers to hotels and hotel chains. This sales job is also like nothing I’ve ever done. It takes a lot of skill with talking to people and just that right personality. I have been working and learning about this all through my internship and I’m finally starting to get the hang of it. The people at my work have been very helpful and nice. It is cool working in an office where the oldest employee is only 35.

This summer has been a blast so far. since my last blog I have visited Camp Nou, a castle in the south of France, ran with the bulls, and spent a lot of time at the beach. This summer has been a learning experience as well as the summer of my life. I am really enjoying my time out here and I cant believe its almost coming to an end.

Ryan Powers