Summer of Dreams

In Spain by Eller Student

It is crazy to think how fast this summer has gone by already. It feels like just yesterday I was stepping off my plane, jet-lagged and anxious at the Barcelona airport. This summer has gained the title, Summer of Dreams because some activities I have done and places I have seen this summer. Four months ago, I have only dreamed that I would go to Pamplona to run with bulls in one of Spain’s most oldest traditions. The whole city of Pamplona embraces the eight day holiday. People from all around the globe come to partake in the festivities that happen one week a year. I got the amazing opportunity to actually run in the morning bull run. It was one of the most intense things I have done in my life.
I am thankful for all the new relationships I have made during my time in Europe. I have met many different people from around the world, each with a unique story and reason as to why they were in Europe. From my experience, English is the universal language, it is interesting to see how foreign people communicate with each other by using English.
I am grateful for the internship I was granted this summer, I could have not asked for a better company to work for. My co-workers and I seem to get along great. I work for a company within Grupo Intercom. Grupo Intercom is a business that helps start-up internet businesses. It has been crazy to see a couple companies go down in my workplace, one day it seems as though everything is fine and the next all the desks are cleared and moved out. Spain’s economic crisis really shows at moments like that.
Hopefully I can make the best of my last week here in Spain and check off many things on my Barcelona to do list. I am going to miss the bustling of the city downtown and all the interesting people you see everyday.