Summer Solstice in Barcelona

In Spain by Eller Student



During the first few weeks we were told that the day of San Juan was a big celebration in Barcelona, one of the biggest of the whole year. In Barcelona they celebrate the day of San Juan during the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year.

We were told that everyone throws fireworks on the streets all night until sunrise. That day I went to the beach with my friend Mildred. We usually go to a more local beach. Barcelona is the most touristic beach in Barcelona and there is always an annoying amount of tourist. So I decided that I wanted a more peaceful beach day surrounded by locals instead. When I am surrounded by locals I feel I can appreaciate more the culture and the way spanish people interact with each other. After being all day at the beach me and my friend went home to change for the big celebration that night. Indeed, it was a crazy celebration. As we were walking to the beach I could hear all over town the fireworks, and no matter where I looked there was someone throwing fireworks on the streets, sidewalks, and parks. It was nice to see how passionate spaniards are about celebrating holidays. I was told that the main party concentrated on the beaches of Barcelona. So me and my friend went back to the more local beach and we were left with our mouths open. It was so crowded, people had bonfires everywhere, candles on the sand and of course beverages. It was not what I expected. I was expecting people going crazy on the dance floor, drinking too much, however, people were just siting on the beach enjoying the night/morning with friends and family. There was a dance floor for anyone who wanted to get a little crazier but it was all about enjoying the moment, then friends that surround us and meeting new people as well. My friend and I decided to stay on the beach to see the sunrise. It was a great decision, even though I was half asleep by the time the sun came out, It was a beautiful and peaceful moment to remember forever.