The Home Stretch

In China by Eller Student

Even after working for six weeks in a small company like Wing On CPA & Associates I am still learning more than I thought possible. Not only am I able to work on projects that deal directly with my major but I am being exposed to many different industries. For example, one day I may be working on a financing project contacting investors to sell an idea and the next I am completing an audit report and registering a company in Hong Kong. When I first arrived in Hong Kong I was nervous about my ability to perform well on the job. Just finishing my sophomore year I have only completed two accounting classes and as a result working for an accounting firm was intimidating. But I quickly realized that although I may not have much experience, the financial and managerial accounting classes that I took at the University of Arizona had already exposed me to real working situations that arise on any given day. By interning at Wing On it has allowed me to see the career possibilities that are available to me and has reinforced my decision for pursue an accounting degree.

But the projects and tasks that I am assigned each day are only a small portion of my internship experience. I am currently working with two other students who are originally from mainland China but have been going to the University of Iowa and four other employees who are from Hong Kong. Being able to work in close proximity with people from various backgrounds has allowed me to grasp the complexity of the culture and provided the opportunity of creating relationships with people that I would have never met without this internship.