The Olympics

In England by Eller Student

We went to the Olympics on Sunday! After hours of searching for tickets, we finally got tickets for the Olympics a few days before. I was ecstatic about the men’s indoor volleyball tickets since I use to play for 7 years of my life. The tickets were for two matches- Australia vs Argentina and the US vs Serbia. I went with three of my flatmates and we decked our bodies out with USA gear. I had an American flag shirt, shoes and hat (not to mention face paint!) When we walked to the stadium, the army guards, volunteers and fellow audience members took pictures of us and loved our outfits. Even though our seats weren’t the best, we cheered our hearts out up in the stands. The experience was unreal. The crowd, patriotism and athletes are things that I will not soon forget. Watching something in the Olympics was on my bucket, so I was so excited to check it off my list. USA won the game and we went crazy. As we left, we took pictures with Poland fans and the ball boys from the game. The excitement from the whole experience was crazy. So many nations all at one event cheering for their countries that they love gave me goose bumps. I can’t wait to watch more events on BBC here. Even with the crowds that people complain about, I feel so privileged to be able to have the experience to not only by in London, but to be able to go to the Olympics as well!