The Scottish Side Of England

In England by Eller Student

Hello everyone,

I went to Edinburgh in Scotland last weekend. Edinburgh was a small beautiful city, and offered the perfect break from the business of London. While in Scotland I went to the castle, I walked around the city, I went on a ghost tour of the graveyards, and I went on a day tour of the city.  The guide on the day tour was excellent, and I was able to see everything I wanted to see in just a few hours. The castle there was amazing, and offered a tremendous view of the city. I had a traditional Scottish breakfast there, which consisted of black budding and haggis.

Today I went to a promotional event for the Winter Olympics with Russia. The event consisted of 18 world champion ice-skaters. They performed interpretive dancing, and tricks on the ice. It was an amazing sight, and it resembled the ice skating routines seen in the winter Olympics. I also biked around Hyde Park this past week, and went on the London Eye again. I went on the London Eye during the day, and had a completely different experience from what I had when I had previously gone on it at night. I went to the area that the Olympics are being held in recently, and walked around. Unfortunately, I could not go inside the Olympic park since I did not have tickets, however I was able to see the entire park from the top floor of the mall nearby.