The Yahoo! Experience

In Spain by Eller Student

I can’t believe I have been here for almost two months already! Time has flown by. There are so many things that I still want to accomplish in my last two weeks in Barcelona, but there isn’t enough time to complete them all! This experience has been amazing, especially working for Yahoo!

Recently as im sure most of you know, Yahoo! has had a merger with Microsoft Bing. The first 3 weeks of my internship was spent learning all the different software programs Yahoo uses. I had to learn the old platforms before the merger, and the new platforms from Microsoft. It was very interesting to see the differences and understand all the softwares. There are a lot of programs that they use! There are some where they can manage their account, change campagins, etc. There are otherse where they can create reports and figure out how many clicks or how much activity they have gotten on a specific ad campaign.

I basically help our the account managers with little things that they don’t have time to do. I usually get a list of accounts that need something to be fixed. I have put accounts online or offline, changed contact information, pulled reports, and gone through each campaign to see if it was active or not. Most recently Brittany, the other Yahoo intern from Dream Careers, and I completed a presentation for their clients. The presentation was to help their clients understand the new updates to AdCenter. AdCenter is a software that both the account mangers and the client uses to manage their campaigns. The presentation is going to be sent to many clients, which is exciting that we were able to create something that is so important.

My weekends are extremely fun as well. Last weekend I was able to visit Prague, and had an amazing time. It is truely gorgeous. This weekend I am headed off to Amsterdam then taking a quick train to Paris!! I am very excited for both. As the weeks dwindle, I am getting very sad that this experience is ending, but also excited to head home and see my family!