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In Spain by Eller Student

My Summer in Barcelona has been more than amazing. From my great internship, to touring the city I have had the Summer of my life. Our group loves life in Spain but as the second month rolled around we decided we had to see more of the world so we hopped on the computer and booked some flights.

Last weekend was one for the books. Me and four other girls went to Prague for a few days realized how much of the world there is to see. Prague was incredible. The Buildings were designed like nothing we had ever seen before and the city had so much history. As we wondered the streets we made some must see stops. The first was the John Lennon Wall and the lock bridge. Both were so cool and something really interesting for us. The john Lennon wall was created at a time when Europe banned music so people expressed themselves with spray paint. The words and pictures on this wall were amazing to read and we got some great pictures. I honestly could have sat there all day.

Next we were off the the Prague Castle that was massive and had such a presence in the city. Most pictures you see of Prague features the Prague Castle with the Puente de Carlos at its foot. I loved walking across the bridge with all the music playing and the castle in front of me. I really felt like I was experiencing their culture. We next made our way to old town square where we got to climb the clock tower. From the top we had 360 views of all of Prague it was amazing and we got a feel for the city we were in.

Over all it was a great experience to see something new and tour another unfamiliar city. Next weekend we are traveling to Paris and I am really looking forward to my time there. My Summer Abroad has given me the desire to see the world and go to new places. I hope I can continue my journey even after my internship ends.