Travel time

In Spain by Eller Student

My family and friends have gotten into this habit of asking the same question. “What has been your favorite part of the trip so far?” I’ve decided that there is absolutely no way to answer that question. Between all of the beauty and culture Spain has to offer and the incredible experiences that we have traveling on the weekends, this trip is just one continuous “favorite part.”

Last weekend we discovered Carcassone in the south of France. It was like nothing I have ever seen. To stand in a place where people lived and fought and struggled so long ago is a very eye-opening experience. Not to mention it was an adorable little city where we had a really great time!

This weekend we are heading to Rome. I think Rome is a place that everyone feels like they must see in their life, and I feel so blessed to be going there. Tickets to the colosseum and the vatican are booked, and I am incredibly excited!

Now that the trip is halfway over, time is flying. I’m suddenly aware of so many things that I need to do before I leave here. Hopefully between work and traveling, I’ll still be able to experience some more of Barcelona in the next few weeks. At least I feel like no matter what I do or do not see, I will have no regrets when we return to the states. This trip has already been such a great experience that it could end right now and I would be happy. Having three more weeks is the best feeling. I really hope I don’t get my passport “stolen” the last week and have to stay….