Wait…you mean I have to leave?

In Spain by Eller Student


Before this trip I never thought I would ever call another place home. This trip has been one of the greatest and most memorable experiences of my life. How many college students can say they ran with the bulls? Or can say they were in downtown Barcelona when they won the world cup. Things have gone so perfect  on this trip I still have difficulty believing it all. My internship has been going great, I have been working on a blog dedicated to the social factors caused by the London 2012 Summer Games. Not many people can associate themselves with the Olympic organization.

One of the highlights of the past weeks was actually getting together with my friends in my room and cooking dinner and socializing. These group of people have become more than just my peers but my family. There I go getting all sappy….

My trip still hasn’t reached its peak yet. A group of us decided to go out with a bang and we are taking a trip to the Island of Ibiza for 4 nights. I have heard noting but amazing things about this place and I look forward to making some great memories.

I am truly thankful for having this opportunity and will never forget it.