Wingin’ It

In China by Eller Student

I’m starting to get a handle on everything that Hong Kong has to offer. The first couple of weeks were overwhelming with getting to a new place and then starting an internship. Even though I’m still learning some of the cultural aspects of Hong Kong I’m starting to feel more comfortable and a part of the city. The first week of my internship I was skeptical about how much I would like it, but as the weeks have gone by I have really started to appreciate the chance that I have been given. I’m working for a company called Wing On CPA & Associates which is an accounting and finance firm. Although I’ve only been here for a month I have learned more in that month than I could have imagined. My boss makes it a point to not just assign me busy work to fill up the day; instead he takes into account what my long term goals are and assigns me projects that introduce me to situations that I’ll be facing once I start my professional career. I’ve also had the opportunity to attend a conference that he sponsored and met people from all over Asia, including some government officials from mainland China.

Being here over the summer has presented unique opportunities to see what Hong Kong is really about. July 1st was the 15th anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover back to the Chinese from the British, and showed the tension between mainland and Hong Kong. While there were celebrations throughout the day showing one side of the reunion, there were also protests coming from the opposite side. It’s just another example of how intricate and complicated Hong Kong’s culture can be. Although happy that they have been reunited with China, Hong Kongers are fighting to maintain their independence and identity. As the summer continues I look forward to learning more about this amazing culture.