Work and Leisure in Barcelona

In Spain by Eller Student

Now that my summer here in Barcelona is coming to an end, I have realized that I really have learned a lot at my internship with IDAPT. On my first day I thought that I would be doing something more on the marketing side at IDAPT but the task that I have is sales. At first i would pretty hesitant towards this area of work. i had no experience is sales and never thought of my self as much of a salesman. But with the help of my boss and fellow workers at IDAPT I was able to learn some valuable information that definitelyhelped with my job. I have also learned since being here with dream careers that a sales background is alsways a good thing to have. With sales you get better at communicating with people over hone, email, and internet. Also by learning to sell something you also learned to sell your self, which will be very important when I start looking for jobs in the future.

The leisure side of this tip has also been a fun and cool learning experience. I have gotten better at getting around places on my own and have become more confident in different countries with the language barrier and transportation. With the trip ending soon I have dedicated my last week to seeing the rest that Barcelona has to offer. I plan on seeing the sights I have put off going to and also go to the beach as much as often. Overall my experience in Barcelona has been amazing and I would do it the exact same way if I did it next summer.