Work in Hong Kong

In China by Eller Student

Before arriving here in Hong Kong, my biggest fear was that my internship would not be what I had hoped it would. The thought of my work being boring and uninteresting, or my boss being a jerk, or my hours unflexible were all on my mind.  After all, despite the many different Hong Kong weekend activities, the internship is the centerpiece of this program and is what we spend 40+ hours of the week doing. Fortunately, my internship at EXS Capital has been a pleasant surprise in many different ways.

The first aspect of the company that I enjoy is the boutique-like feel of the firm. Being only one of 2 interns and working with around 12 people means that my presence is important, and I get plenty of attention. It also means that I get plenty of exposure to all facets of the company, whether it’s looking over reports with a manager or sitting in on a meeting with the CEO and a potential client. Also, everyone is extremely nice and easy to approach. Often times, they are the ones to approach me first, asking if I need any help or what my weekend plans are. They also like to take me out to lunches and go out for drinks, making me feel very comfortable and like I’m more than just an intern.

Another thing that I appreciate about my company is that they are very flexible and accomodating towards any other plans that I may make while I’m here. My manager urged me to travel around Southeast Asia while I’m here, so sure enough, she gave me a Monday off and I went to Phuket, Thailand for the weekend with some friends. They know that I’m here to work, but they also want me to soak in the culture and learn as much as I can outside the office as well as inside.  Since they’re kind enough to give me occasional days off at my request, I’m always motivated to work my hardest so they feel that I deserve these days off.  Overall, I’ve obtained an incredible amount of knowledge and experience in my short time here, while still being able to have fun and explore Hong Kong.