Working in Spain

In Spain by Eller Student

My internship experience has been one to remember this summer.  I have been working with Serhs tourism which is a B2B supplier of services for international travel agencies and tour operators.  My task, as an intern, is to ultimately research competitors in both tourism and hotels to provide business tools for the company. Something I have been working on lately works mostly with Excel to clearly and concisely record the information I research.

The snapshot I have provided shows a sample of my daily work where I use three websites (muchoviaje, rumbo, and atrapalo) to form hotel research within a given area. I research the competition and in turn find how our company, Serhs, stacks up.

A project that was just finished consisted of a SWOT analysis onthe US, Canada, and Spain markets.  This was needed for the company to prepare for expansion within the US and Canada.  We have also worked with a project simply organizing all of Serhs current clients into their prospective categories and researching a little deeper within each client.

Although I am not sure the internship has any relation to accounting, I feel it has helped further my experience in business and knowledge of the working world.