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In England by Eller Student

One of the really cool things about being in Europe is that it is so close to all the other countries around it.  Traveling around here is a lot easier than traveling back home.  Back home you have to either drive for at least six hours to get somewhere for vacation or take a plane for at least four hours.  But here everything is so close, so it usually only take two hours to get to another fun country from London.

A group of six of us traveled to Barcelona, Spain for a long weekend and we really enjoyed it there since the sun was actually out and it was hot.  The weather in London is completely opposite from Barcelona and much more like Arizona so we kind of felt at home.  We traveled around and saw all the Gaudi Houses and the Cathedral.  His designs on the buildings are amazing and not one building looks like another.  We also went to the beach to have a relaxing day, which was much needed.  It was different to see their social norms compared to ours.  One of our biggest problems was the language barrier though.  We could all kind of speak Spanish with them, but they speak Catalan, which is like a form of Spanish so it was definitely a little more difficult.  If you ever go there I do recommend eating at this amazing sandwich place called Bo de B.  We went there since we were told we must try it and they were right.  It was probably one of the best sandwiches I have ever had.

The next week a group of seven of us traveled to Dublin, Ireland.  I really liked Ireland and all the people.  Everyone there was so nice to us and very welcoming, and I also loved hearing their Irish accents.  We were only there a day and half but we made the most of our time there. We took a tour around the more popular parts of Dublin and toured the Guinness factory.  I really enjoyed the Guinness factory tour.  It was seven floors packed of really interesting information about beer that I had never known before.  We learned how they make their beer and how you can do a taste test to make sure that it is perfect.  We also learned to pour a perfect pint, which was one of the highlights of the tour.  The next day Anne and I ate breakfast at the Queens Tart and both got the Irish breakfast which was amazing.  I really like everything we did in Dublin and how small and close nit the community was.  Dublin is a lot like London but it has a much more hipster feel to it compared to the posh feel of London.  I wish we had more time in Dublin to see the countryside since I hear it is just beautiful, but I will save that for the next time that I travel to Ireland.

Last weekend a group of four of us traveled to Paris, France.  I was extremely excited to go here since just about everyone that travels to Europe goes to Paris and I had never been before.  We took the first EuroStar train from London to Paris and it only took two hoursto get there.  Once we were there we had the whole day to be tourists and I loved it.  We saw the locks-of-love bridge and it was magical.  I definitely want to go back someday with my husband and lock a lock to the bridge and throw the key in the river.  We then went to the Louvre and I could not believe how big that museum is.  You could spend a whole day in there and probably still not see all the artifacts they have in there.  We saw the Mona Lisa and I was very surprise to see how small it actually is.  We then ventured to the Eiffel Tower and it was spectacular.  Seeing it in pictures all the time makes you really appreciate seeing it in real life.  It was so big and overwhelming.  Once it got dark out we took a boat tour around the river to see the city at nighttime.  It was so cool to see all the buildings light up at night and once we got to the Eiffel Tower it looked so beautiful.  The next day the end of Le Tour de France was going on so we heading to the finish line and got to experience all the spirited fans.  I joined in by buying tour de France gear and could not help myself but to wear it all day long.  Out of the three cities that I traveled to I enjoyed Paris the most because it was just so romantic and wonderful.  I can’t wait to go back again someday.

Although traveling to all these wonderful citied was amazing, I still like London the best out of all of them.  Every time we would leave London for the weekend, there was a part of me that was missing it and wanting to go back.  I have fallen in love with London and everything that it has to offer.  I’m sad that I only have two more weeks left here, but I will surely be making the most of these two weeks.  I’m planning on going to some of the Olympic games and cheering on USA every chance I can.

Barcelona, Spain

Dublin, Ireland

Paris, France