Barcelona Blog#4

In Spain by Eller Student

Friends for Life

Five days ago, I left Barcelona, my beautiful summer home of the past two months.  I did not expect to get this emotional, and I never thought it would be so  difficult to say goodbye to my new friends.  Fortunately, many of them attend the UofA and soon we will all be reunited with the start of the fall semester.

Right now, I am trying to adjust to the time change and being around my family. While in Barcelona, I lived independently in an atmosphere that was electric, new and exciting. Now that I am back home, I am having trouble adapting to a new schedule and it is pretty boring.  Only a week ago I was consumed with culture, amazing friends and delicious food. Now that I am back in the US, I am somewhat lonely and wishing I had another month or so to spend in Barcelona. But in the meantime, until I make my return back to the scenic city, I will never forget the remarkable times I experienced there this summer.

The last week was difficult, saying goodbye to my favorite places in the city and my close friends. Before my final departure, I made a visit to the beautiful Sagrada Familia. Gaudi and his brilliant way of thinking were greatly displayed. It was one of the most striking temples I had ever seen. Giving our farewells at Artelista was interesting as well. I was happy to know that Yago, my boss, really appreciated the work that Paul and I contributed to the company, as well as the relationship we built with him. In addition, I am pleased with the connections I developed with my employees and I hope these relationships will grow into helpful associations for my future marketing career. As a gift for our hard work this summer, Yago and the Artelista team gave Paul and I our own unique piece of artwork. I am excited to stretch and frame the artwork and display it in my room in Arizona.