Beginning of the End

In England by Eller Student

Blog #3

The final blog entry means that it’s almost time to leave. It feels weird saying that I have actually lived in London for a whole summer. Not many Americans can say they have ever done that. This amazing summer actually started pretty badly though. Everyone was supposed to arrive on the 7th of June and I got here 4 days later because UPS sent my passport all over the U.S. It was one of the most pissed off times of my life. But when I finally arrived and met all of my flat mates for the summer, everything was back on track. My summer basically consisted of work, school, travel and going out and about London!

Work. Work started out nerve racking. I had an interview just a couple of days before I got in and didn’t know what I was getting myself into. It turned out that I would be working for a wealth management firm and that was exactly what I hoped for. Although I wanted to be more involved with the investment side of the work, I got to know the ins and outs of a wealth management firm because they would have me do different tasks throughout the entire summer. After working for around 20 days it was great to meet and interact with new people that had grown up and lived in a country different then my own. It was nice getting to learn how they interact, joke, and talk with one another because it shows you that even though they speak the same language as people in the states, it’s a whole different culture.

School. School consisted of two different classes: Shakespeare and British Culture. Shakespeare is definitely not my favourite subject at all. I don’t understand anything Shakespeare tries to write and therefore I have no clue what really goes on in his stories until the professor explains each paragraph and how the characters are related to each other. Not to totally turn down the Shakespeare part of the class because what I actually enjoyed the most about that class is that we actually got to see the two Shakespeare plays we learned about in class: Taming of the Shrew and Henry V. This was an amazing experience because we were able to see the plays at The Globe, the recreation of the original globe where Shakespeare originally had his plays performed. Now the British Culture class was a little better than the Shakespeare class because my distant family and great great great grandfather was originally from England. British Culture consisted of learning about the past Victorian era and how the ideas/values are still the same/different in today’s sense. We learned a lot about the different cultures that were brought to the U.K. in the 1960’s and how it has affected the culture today.

Traveling. While I was over here for 8 weeks I really wanted to go somewhere I had never been before. A few years ago I travelled to a few different countries in Europe. So this time I wanted to go somewhere I have never been before and that turned out to be Spain and the British Open. Spain was an amazing experience. The best part of Spain was the weather. In England it was one of the worst summers in terms of weather because it rained almost every day. So going to Spain where it was sunny and perfect ever day was great. I got a little too into the free sunshine because I got completely sunburnt from head to toe. Another great thing about Spain was going to the beach. I am originally from Orange County and I love going to the beach. We went to Barcelona, Spain and that was located right on the beach. The next thing I wanted to do while I was in England was go see the British Open. I was a huge golfer back in high school and have been to the U.S. Open in San Diego. So seeing the British Open was an amazing experience and once again something that most people from America will never do.

The last thing was what we all did on the weekend. Besides school, work and travel, London has a very big night life on the weekends. We went to so many different clubs and pubs. When we first got here we found out that there were around 6,000 pubs in London, so we knew we couldn’t get to all of them but we got to more than a few. The night life is one of the best in all of the world so we tried to get to all of the big clubs as soon as possible and then see which ones the locals went to or which spots were the most fun and then go there again.

My London experience has ranged from bad in the beginning to great in the end. I think it has been the most amazing thing I have done in my entire life and I would definitely do this process all over again. It’s always hard to say goodbye but this has been the best summer of my life!!