Cambridge Trip

In England by Eller Student

Last week I took a short trip up north to Cambridge. I have to say Cambridge is one of my favorite places in the UK.

Cambridge is small town, but it is the home to the University of Cambridge. Cambridge, as the name suggests, used to be just a bridge in a swamp to a military camp. After a number of Oxford scholars moved here and founded the University of Cambridge, the village expanded over the years. There are a large amount of historical buildings in Cambridge.

We went punting on the River Cam. Cambridge almost felt a little like Venice to me because it also has the Bridge of Sighs, which is the bridge Cambridge students have to cross every time to take finals. The air was very clean and fresh in Cambridge. The specific nature and culture in Cambridge has helped a lot of artists and scholars find their inspirations, Xu Zhimo was one of them. I was lucky to find a stone in King’s College that has his best-known lines engraved.

One thing I found out about UK is that people there read a lot. You normally would not see people in the states read. I do not like reading, and I only read when I have to. But UK people love reading. They read on the bus, tube, and coffee shops. Sometimes you find people reading on a bench anywhere. The most strange reader I found was this random guy reading a book at the Queen’s garden in the WIndsor Castle.