Closure in America

In Spain by Eller Student

Leaving Barcelona was very difficult, by the time the summer came to an end Spain felt like home and returning to America felt foreign. Working and living in Barcelona for two months allowed the participants of Dream Careers to experience and embrace the culture of a foreign country firsthand. We were able to gain valuable work experience in a foreign economy, which provides us with global business skills and experience essential to our futures. Abroad work experience is essential to success in the twenty first century. Additionally, the summer in Barcelona helped mature the trip participants building independency and responsibility. I have not only grown as a student, but also as a human being through my time abroad. Saying goodbye to the people at my work was sad; everyone asked when I would be returning to Barcelona. The office employees sent me off with the Spanish double cheek kiss, embracing me as a fellow Spaniard. Much has changed from walking into the office feeling nervous in the beginning of June, to my sad departure back home in August.  It will take adjusting to be back in the United States.

Being back in America feels very different and it is difficult not to miss Barcelona. It is nice to be around all English speaking people, however I miss the challenge of having to overcome the language barriers abroad. It is nice to be back with friends and family from home, but I miss everyone from the trip. The return home from Barcelona was very solemn; the summer flew by. Another major difference of being back in Tucson means driving a car rather than using public transportation. It was very convenient to be able to travel far distances easily on the metro and trains in Europe at any time of day or night. I miss taking ciesta breaks throughout the day and miss the relaxed Spanish lifestyle. Not being able to go to the beach at will has been hard to get used to. Dream career participants were spoiled throughout the summer in Barcelona; we will never be able to experience anything similar in our lives.

Two months ago I could have never imagined the experiences and memories that I would get living and working for the summer in Barcelona. I have grown as an individual and feel more confident as a student and businessmen. My international work experience has helped diversify my ability, skills, and resume, which will help set me apart from my peers in the job market after college. I am preparing myself for a successful future in business and can begin applying my newly acquired knowledge immediately at a collegiate level. I look forward to putting these experiences to use in the years to come. I will never forget my 2012 summer in Barcelona.