In England by Eller Student


The final week inLondonwas bitter sweet. I was exhausted from the entire summer and was ready to go home. However, there were still plenty of activities that I had planned once classes ended. I was able to go to a couple Olympic events, and before that I went toBarcelonafor a couple of days with mostly everyone in my flat.


Like most places I went during the summer there was a heat wave rolling through and it was extremely hot. It was miserable to try and sleep because the room was so hot and sticky and all the old buildings don’t have air conditioning. Other than that the beach and sun was a great break from the rain, clouds, and colder weather that was really consistent inLondon.


The Olympics were also a once in a Life time opportunity. I was able to see the semi- final soccer game withMexicoplayingJapanand then I went to a quarterfinal hand ball match. The soccer game was amazing and one of my favorite memories of the summer. However, I was disappointed with the hand ball match. I was hyped up about it when Drew bought the tickets, because I thought it would be a fast paced game with lots of goals. I was disappointed to find out that the game stopped almost every two minutes to wipe sweat off the floor.