Farewell Hong Kong

In China by Eller Student

As I imagined, leaving Hong Kong was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. After spending so much time, meeting so many people and doing so many different things, I had fully acclimated to the Hong Kong lifestyle and could very well see myself living there for a longer period of time. Being from the desert, I never saw myself as a “big city” kind of guy, but Hong Kong has given me a different outlook, and I feel that I could keep up with the hustle and bustle if the opportunity presented itself.

Being home in the US has certainly been a strange readjustment.  People ask me about my trip and I honestly don’t know what to talk about first.  Everything went extremely well with my internship and I feel very prepared for my future endeavors in the finance world.  On top of that, I met dozens of awesome people who I will keep in touch with as good friends and contacts.  With these new friends, I went on so many awesome tours and weekend adventures in Hong Kong, as well as travelling to Thailand for a weekend.

I was very impressed by how smoothly the program was run, especially since it was being handled by only 4 people.  The organizers were always good at communicating with the interns, as well as planning fun and interesting activities.  I leave Hong Kong with fond memories of what I consider the best experience of my entire life, and I hope to return there soon.