In Spain by Eller Student

For my last block I have decided to talk about the cultural shock of living in Spain. I grew up in Mexico and came to Tucson during my sophomore year of high school, therefore before going to Spain I have had some experience with cultural shock. Mexico and the US have some similarities as well as some differences just like with any other countries. My first language is spanish and as a result the fact that the language is difference from the US was not going to give me any difficulties. In a way, I felt very confident at work or when I was touring the city. Seeing how some of my friends from the program struggled to understand or communicate at times really got me thinking how lucky I was. I started thinking what would I do if I could not speak the language at all. I could only imagine a very stressful stay in Barcelona. This made me realized that communication is essential in any culture and country.

An area where I personally had a difficult time adapting to was customer service. In most service businesses like restaurants or pharmacies the employees were so rude and seemed very uninterested of our requests. It looked like they hated their jobs. Even at Starbucks’ employees where rude, an American company that sells coffee but also distinguishes itself with the excellent customer service they offer. I can actually say I was not able to adapt to this type of service during my stay in Barcelona. I think 90 percent of the time I ended up comparing Spain to the US, which I know was not ok for me to compare both because they are two different cultures.
Even though I had a difficult time adapting to some of the traditions of Spain I still enjoyed my stay very much. I met all types of people and I learned a lot from them. I will miss Barcelona very much because it gave me something to remember for the rest of my life. Beautiful memories were made in Barcelona and no regrets.